If you simply want someone to run through your manuscript and correct only spelling errors, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors, proofreading is the way to go. Proofreaders read through the manuscript and focus solely on grammar. They do not look at sentence structure, and they do not look at content.

I provide proofreading services for any written work. Again, rates will ultimately vary from job to job and from special situation to special situation, but my standard rate as applied to proofreading book manuscripts is $0.006/word (0.6 cents/word). My standard rate as applied to proofreading articles and/or newsletters is $3.00/page.

Manuscripts are to be sent in styled thus: 12-point Courier font, double-spaced. One page should be about 250 words according to this style.


Other Editing Services

I also offer copy and line editing and full developmental editing services.