Frequently Asked Questions

What is developmental editing?

The definition varies from editor to editor, and from publisher to publisher, but developmental editing encompasses such services as manuscript organization and suggestions to the author of additions or deletions to the story. The developmental editor helps the author to expand, round out, or better organize the subject matter in the manuscript. This type of editing focuses less on the grammar and more on the story.

What is copy/line editing?

Copy/line editing deals with the grammar and structure of the sentences. Are the sentences and paragraphs flowing together? Is the bibliography following the correct style the publisher wants? Are the sentences complete? The copy editor also checks for spelling consistency, punctuation usage, and other grammar faux pas and corrects them.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is your bare bones reading. The proofreader checks to ensure that things are spelled correctly, that the correct punctuation is used, and that sentences and paragraphs are grammatically correct. Proofreading is strictly grammar mechanics, and does nothing for the flow, the style, or the content of the manuscript.

What is layout?

Book layout involves styling and arranging the corrected, final manuscript in a layout program to make the pages look like they will in the printed book. This means applying font and paragraph styles, as well as inserting any needed photographs and supplying the header, the footer, and the cover art. Then the laid-out manuscript is ready to be PDFed. After this step, the book is essentially ready to be sent to the print-in-demand publisher.

These steps sound like publishing. Are you a book publisher?

There are many behind-the-scenes steps to publishing a book that I do not provide. Things like obtaining an ISBN and a Library of Congress number, obtaining a trademark, and printing and selling the books must be done through an official publisher/print-on-demand publishing company.

There are several print-on-demand publishers that I would recommend for use; DogEar Publishing, Three Moons Media, and iUniverse are all excellent self-publishing companies.

What are your standard rates?

Rates may vary by job, but my standard rates are as follows:

  • Developmental Editing -- $25/hour
  • Copy/Line Editing book manuscripts -- $0.008 (0.8 cents)/word
  • Copy/Line Editing article/newsletter manuscripts -- $5/page
  • Proofreading book -- $0.006 (0.6 cents)/word
  • Proofreading article/newsletter -- $3/page
  • Standard Layout -- $30/hour