Copy Editing

Maybe you're having trouble making your sentences flow together. You possibly need help constructing a proper bibliography. Perhaps your grammar and punctuation are a little bit rusty. Maybe the publisher you want to work with has told you that you need to have your book styled to CMS standards, and you have no idea what they want there. This is where a copy/line editor steps in. The copy/line editor will read carefully through your manuscript, paying special attention to consistent, correct spelling; proper punctuation usage; sentence structure and flow; proper grammar; and style consistencies.

I offer copy/line editing services to both works of fiction and works of non-fiction in any subject matter. Unless otherwise specified, I will apply MLA style standards and structure to works of fiction, and Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) standards and structure to works of nonfiction. Rates will ultimately vary from job to job and from special situation to special situation, but my standard rate as applied to copy/line editing book manuscripts is 0.8 cents/word. My standard rate as applied to copy/line editing article/newsletter manuscripts is $5.00/page.

Manuscripts are to be sent in styled thus: 12-point Courier font, double-spaced. One page should be about 250 words according to this style.

Other Editing Services

I also offer simple proofreading and full developmental editing services.