Dancing Monkey Editing

Are you an author who needs someone to read over your manuscript to find any spelling, grammar, or syntax errors? Are you an author who is struggling with development and flow of a manuscript? Do you simply need someone to offer feedback on your article, essay, manuscript, or other form of writing?

Perhaps you're a small publishing company or magazine that needs the above services? Are you a publisher looking for a good, reliable freelance editor/proofreader?

Look no further! Here at Dancing Monkey Editing, I make the time to take the time to read carefully over your manuscript and offer suggestions or corrections. I think you'll find one large difference between me and other freelance sites out there: I love what I do! This means that you and your manuscript will get the attention you both deserve through the developmental process. My standard rates are, at the very most, comparative to other freelance services, as well. For standard rates, please click on the service you are interested in under "Services" on the menu.

Begin preparing your manuscript for publication today. Contact me, and let's get this party started!