Layout & Styling

Standard layout services include taking your completed .doc electronic manuscript and converting the style, fonts, pictures/graphics, headers and footers, and page numbers to produce an electronic version of the book (as tall and as wide as you specify) that is ready to be printed. After this step is completed, I will convert the finished product into a PDF and copy it, along with all fonts and pictures needed and the original layout program extension, onto a CD, which I will mail to you to do with as you need. It will be ready to send off to a print-on-demand place such as iUniverse to obtain the proper licenses and trademarks and to be printed.

Though projects will vary, the standard rate as applied to my standard layout services is $25.00/hour of work on the manuscript.

Custom Layout Services, in which you may pick the fonts used and certain aspects of the style, are available, but at a higher cost. For these custom layout jobs, please contact me for discussion of the project and for an estimate of the cost.